2017's Word of the Year : EVOLVE

New Year's comes around, and talk of resolutions picks up. I have never set a New Year's resolution and kept it. In my life. 

So I stopped doing it. And discovered something else instead. 

I choose a word for my year. A word that encapsulates all of my goals, expectations, and sets a theme for my year that I can work towards. It is achievable, it is flexible, and most of all, it is a benchmark to set against all decisions throughout your year. Does that decision fit your word theme? No? Then don't go down that path.

Last year, my word was CREATE. It was a powerful word for me, and I applied it to all aspects of my life- personal and professional. When I got to the end of 2016, and looked back on my word, I felt that I had accomplished what I had set out to achieve, and I was proud.

So this year's word?


For me, and my life goals, Evolve is the next step in my process after Create. And it had already begun, with the relaunch of my business, as it evolves into a new platform, and also in my personal life, with my new husband and I embarking on married life together. 

I invite you to find your word for your year. Put it up on your wall, make it a part of your every day, and at the end of the year, see if you have achieved what you set out to do. 

You might just find your year has indeed been richer and fuller because of it.